Jack Bryce 

Jack has had a keen interest in magic since he was nine years old. His grandfather lived in Glasgow, and he regularly invented tricks to keep Jack’s interest. His father also had a passion for card magic, which further encouraged Jack’s potential. Born in Glasgow, Jack moved south to join the Royal Marines when he was 19 years old. He travelled far and wide during his years of service, and he was never without a pack of cards or a few coins. On his travels, he often found himself in clubs and bars, and he always won a few beers with his magic tricks.

At 21, Jack was based at the Royals Marines base in Poole. He joined his first magic society, The Wessex Magical Association, in Bournemouth. He was a member of this magical society for more than seven years, until he was drafted to Plymouth. While there, he became a member of the Plymouth Magic Circle. After many years as member of this magical society, Jack was honoured to hold office of the secretary, and then the President of the Plymouth Magic Circle.

Leaving the Marines

Once his career as a Royal Marine came to an end in 1996, Jack decided to turn his hobby into a living. He became a full-time professional close-up magician. His career is his passion, and he loves entertaining people at all events.  Recently Jack moved back to the North to get married and live in Edinburgh.  His magic business is also based in Scotland.  Jack is currently a member of two magical societies; The Magic Circle, London and The Edinburgh Magic Circle.

Award-Winning Magician For Hire

Jack is an accomplished magician, and he has won a range of awards during his varied career. As a member of the Plymouth Magic Circle, Jack won the Grant Cup for close-up magic twice. More recently, he was the winner of the Edinburgh Magic Circle Sonny Day 2012 Award for close-up magic. In 2013, he was the Best Entertainer (Non-Musical) in Edinburgh at the Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards, he was also the winner of the West Lothian Magic Circle President’s Cup for Close Up Magic in 2015.

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